Catholicism in Asia

In Greek, it’s katholikos. In Latin, it’s catholicus. In English, it’s catholic. Regardless of the language, they all mean the same thing–“universal.” For the Church that bears this adjective, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is relevant in every land, among all peoples, and for all time. For my capstone project, I chose to explore the Catholic Faith as lived in an unconventional, yet increasingly influential, region of the world–Far East Asia.

This project has three main components:

  • A proposal (aka Overview) detailing my topic and its relevance to my audience of Catholics in the West
  • An Annotated Bibliography, which constitutes the core of my research
  • The Capstone Project itself, an interactive essay featuring Catholicism in Asia with a specific focus on the issues of politics, inculturation, and evangelization

As alluded to in my Writer’s Evolution Essay, this project really broadened my horizons, opening my eyes to the meaning of the word “Catholic” in its truest sense.