Catholic Liturgy and Attendance

Catholic Liturgy and Attendance: An Inseparable Link.” English 225: Academic Argumentation. (Sweetland Minor in Writing Course Requirement). April 2011.

The Catholic Church in America currently finds itself in the midst a very serious attendance crisis, as poll after poll reveals that over three-quarters of Catholics do not attend Mass every Sunday. This essay argues that the attendance crisis has its roots in another crisis—a liturgical crisis resulting from a decreased emphasis of the sacred in the Catholic Mass. This paper explores the celebration of the Mass before and after the liturgical reforms initiated by the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) and concludes that the key to solving the attendance crisis lies in rectifying the liturgical crisis.

Without question, this essay has influenced my collegiate writing career more than any other. One of my greatest passions is the restoration of authentic Catholic liturgy, particularly the Traditional Latin Mass, so I think it was fitting that the premise of this paper carried over to the Minor in Writing capstone course. After re-purposing it as an editorial and re-mediating it into a television commercial, this argument about the Catholic Mass became the centerpiece of my online portfolio. In this way, the liturgy and its importance in conveying Catholic belief has been the most important of the several recurring themes found in my writing.

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